Southport and Liverpool

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To be perfectly honest I am astonished that that Liverpool hasn’t been mentioned yet. Currently there is a war between the the scoucers (Liverpool boys) and the woolybacks (Southport). Southport is a near seaside resort to Liverpool, it is mainly inhabited by retired people. But most of the offspring remain in Sothport since they do not even have the money to hop on the train or plane to anywhere half reasonable.

The nightlife is Southport is quite un-nerving to say the least. Violence is a pretty freqent event. With the main clubs down waverly street it is a **** heaven. And with the road of never ending arcades so close things just get better but after the ‘Battle of Neville’ or thats what the ***** say it has become a no go zone as the police are constantly patrolling up and down.

This leads me onto the relativly new ‘Ocean plaza’ which contains a bowling alley, cinema, various restaraunts, a macdonalds and various shops this place is a rare comodity in Southport and therefore attracts lots of ***** who turn up in there modded up Ford Escorts and various other notorious **** cars, with their windows down and there radio crunked and hurling abuse at you while they are sitting in the drive-through getting some food to keep thier disgustingly fat girlfriends intrested.

Thats pretty much it for southport folks!

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