Southend-on-Sea, a sorry little grief hole on the Essex coast

I see a number of entries for Essex already. If Essex is the UK’s chaviest region, then the capital is Southend. This sorry little grief hole is a honey pot for the (fake) Burberry/Kappa/Stone Island tracksuited generation. ***** are everywhere, although the greatest concentration is on the sea front.

This so-called ‘Golden Mile’ is an oxymoron if ever there was one. Select a random amusement arcade and observe the penny falls technique. Eat unhealthily in one of the fast food restaurants. Take your girlfriend into one of the pubs with well appointed sea views and treat her to some all-day karaoke.

Come down on Saturday night for the burn up, where the police have to close the road disrupting the lives of the law abiding citizens. From here, watch and experience the civic pride generated by the annual airshow – last year there was fighting outside McDonalds.

Ladies and Gentleman, Southend-on-Sea; ********’s Paradise.

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