Southampton’s finest !!!!


Hello ! Let me take you through a guided tour of some of the most memorable places in Southampton there are !!

Starting in WESTERN …. Beware of the many ***** that will try to rob you and also the ones that try to flog you the stuff they have just robbed off someone else !… I once met a 30 year old man  in Western with no teeth… his choice entitely…he told me he had pulled them all out as he couldnt be bothered to brush them !!! TRUE ! I PROMISE YOU ! Make no mistakes !  Mabey you fancy a stroll down to Western shore for a nice swim.. just be very careful not to swollow any sewage that floats past you though !!!

Moving swiftly on to SWAYTHLING ….. Now, don’t be fooled by the name ” flower gardens ” There is nothing pretty about this place and beleive me, it most certainly does not smell of roses!!!! **** and inbread heavan !! Full of pot heads, wizz heads and the occasional doke user ( for thoses of you that don’t know, doke means **** coke !)

How grim is your Postcode?

Now just to round up this tour.. do you fancy a pint of stale .. oh, I mean ale down the BITTERNE PARK HOTEL !???  Take a seat on a variety of hole ridden filthy stained chairs with the insides coming out…. Have the pleasure of being served by the landlords lovely rough   big ginger daughter and chat away to the men that have never gone anywhere in life to the men that are never going anywhere in life !  

By: Emma

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