Southampton!! :D

HampshireSouth East

Southampton has its bad places like, some parts of sholing and shirly, shirly warren, millbroke, st marys, townhill, thornhill, weston, maybush, bassett, and more. But there are also good places!

I have lived in southampton for all my live because i am from there and i no that there can be touble quite alot! Where i live is in a estate in sholing and you get trouble round there, like you have a lot of mini motors and trouble down the woods  and police around quite ALOT!! But i am fine and hang around with all of the kids round there and they are all *****. I am a bit of a **** i spose, i have been called one more then once by differant people :L But they do cause trouble once they start somthing wrong (: If anyone ever comes to southampton just be awere that you need to be able to stick up for yourself (: xxx

By: Danni xx

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