South Shields, Near Newcastle

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Charvers (thats the North East name but to most people it’s *****), they are the biggest drain on society the world has ever seen. Ever had your nearest bus stop smashed to oblivion? Or ever seen the tremendous amounts of chewy embedded into the ground of your local shopping centre? Yes. You can guaruntee a charver did it… any money on that.

So… you walk through South Shields town centre. Yes… there’s chewy embedded into the ground. Yes there’s smashed up bus shelters. Yes.. there’s a JJB sports, a New Look, a Pound Shop, a Woolworths, and about 200 “offies” or off licences to decent members of society (i.e. not *****)
It may sound like your typical, **** invested town. And yes… you can say it is… but I can put forward an argument… that this town is the worst, most diabolically ****- ruled town in our poor **** invested country…

In South Shields, ***** are spread around like some sort of flesh eating virus, making their mark everywhere they go. And I dont just mean graffiti… but pissing all over the place too. A South Shields male **** would more than likely be too damn lazy to go find a toilet, and mark his territory on the side of a metro station ticket machine. And is he ashamed? Ha! of course he’s not. He’s all “aye man howay, im a fuckin maxa waxa ragin charv and i fuckin rule sooth shields like!”, soon after, pulling out one of his cigarettes right next to a no smoking sign, whilst holding a bottle of bellabrusco or lambrini in his other hand. What pleasant people surround us everyday. There’s just charvers EVERYWHERE you go in South Shields…I think they should be wiped out. I think if there’s one thing that should be done for the world, it should be to send all charvs to death camps.

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President of the worldwide organisation of KAC (kill all charvs)

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