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Sonning Common, a sweet little village where i have lived for 14 years and now whats happened? It is being invaded by chavs and lots of them! Like an infestation only problem is that bug spray doesn’t affect them. You could try a gaint fly swat but theres too many of them.
Within the darkness of the sky you set fourth to the shops for something when out of the dark night you see the end of a fag being lit. The light slowly reveals and group of 20 chavs sitting outside your destination smoking, drinking and spouting crap from their mouths. Even the light can’t harm them for you see them with in the real light, dressed in the standard uniform of Chiltern Edge the conseal their fags and lighters, still wearing the trade mark chav hat and hoodies. Trying to get away with trainers that are pure white. It is madness, the quiet village is a front for a dark place where the old are scared to leave there own home.

Still if you want worse go to Reading, they’re evrywhere. You could be followed half way round Reading and offer them a drink until they will atttack. Still the biggest infestation i’ve seen and i see alot of things.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018

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Our local pillars of the comunity gather right out side the Sommerfeild store and Dillons Post Office. Usually about a dozen at a time. They are 100% Chavscum having the latest squeeky clean white trainers, big hooded tops, big tacky argos jewellry, constantly spitting and being abusive to everyone else who doesn’t dress in the same cloth. The young gentlemen have bum fluff on their chins and around their mouths, hiding the spots that ooze the local pizza huts grease and claim the bench they all loiter around is actually theirs. They will jump over the cars in the shops car park and think what they have done is funny, particually when old people are concerned. They ask older people to buy them fags and beer or cider as otherwise they will have to wait another three years before they are legal. They display mans neothandinal origins with open honesty and spawn their genes over the back of a vauxall cavalier, maroon in colour with hub caps missing, with tarzan like capabilities he gives jane something to remeber that romantic evening by. The gals are priceless, think they are the business, they have more facial hair than the lads and a higher tesoteroane level of all lads combined. always swigging on a cider bottle or chuffing on a golden benson ( or sucking on one of the ant hill mobs pride and joy ) and when that gorgous mouth cant consume another partical she will scream out a cackle cry that can carry for miles thus marking her territory and letting other adonis chavs to want her as if his own, there will be fighting. The fighting usually kicks off most Friday evenings as they lose control of their tiny little minds when the cider bubbles get to work. The big mothers stay in doors all day, too fat to get through the council flats door but can throw a punch! The hunter gatherer will play with his remote controlled car, for hours racing up and down the estate eating chips all day. Very distressing for our twee south oxon village but laugh as we might we have understand their parents don’t want them, they get abusive and kick them out so they can get drunk, take drugs and make more mini chavs over the D reg BMW 5 series. Clean up Britain, clean up parents! Can we stop paying benefits to the parents who qualify for such miss use of charity?

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018