Sonning Common

Sonning Common, a sweet little village where i have lived for 14 years and now whats happened? It is being invaded by ***** and lots of them! Like an *********** only problem is that bug spray doesn’t affect them. You could try a gaint fly swat but theres too many of them.
Within the darkness of the sky you set fourth to the shops for something when out of the dark night you see the end of a *** being lit. The light slowly reveals and group of 20 ***** sitting outside your destination smoking, drinking and spouting **** from their mouths. Even the light can’t harm them for you see them with in the real light, dressed in the standard uniform of Chiltern Edge the conseal their **** and lighters, still wearing the trade mark **** hat and hoodies. Trying to get away with trainers that are pure white. It is madness, the quiet village is a front for a dark place where the old are scared to leave there own home.

Still if you want worse go to Reading, they’re evrywhere. You could be followed half way round Reading and offer them a drink until they will atttack. Still the biggest *********** i’ve seen and i see alot of things.

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