Sonning Common home of mini *****

The small village of Sonning Common, 5 minutes away from Reading Home of the Reading Festival, but during the day and night it is over run with ***** and mini *****. Constantly outside One stop and Somerfield, i use to play a game with my brother as we drove past it was Guess how many ***** were there. Within a week numbers would be in the 15-20’s. They are there anytime of night or day, and i have tested this, at 1am you with see a spark used to light a *** just revealing the face from under their standard **** hat and coat. They run off a factory asembly line in my opinion.
There were that many, they looked like clones all smoking at the same time, the same hats, the same track suits, the same sound of them talking from their ****. Honestly the amount of times they walk up and down my road if i had some shotguns i could open a shooting gallery.
Worst is the mini ***** who go to the same sit hole of a school I’m in. All of them are 2ft smaller and about 3 years younger than me. Normally you sit in the quad with your friends and then small little **** will come up to you and “have a go at you”. They flock together to pounce on someone taller and then you kick them down and they run off. It’s almost as fun as watching paint dry or waiting for the end of the world.
When you think your day has ran smoothly you walk out from the school and every **** in the school is smoking outside just to piss off the teachers, then the police turn up and search them and you. At this point you could piss your self because the mini ***** don’t want to get in trouble.
Some days its just funny but in the end it just pisses you off.

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