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Situated on the bottom end of christchurch.
A healthy supply of them can be seen in “reef” nightclub on most nights,Its written in the clubs toilet “if you wanna fight, then go to REEF”
Somerford is full of kids’ with kids,or to the average “argos gold” ridden trouble making “scummerford” locals. ‘One Stop’ is the local hang out. Usually on a weekend some might be seen in the local mcdonalds making loads of noise with there kids, at the Fair starting fights then getting their asses kicked or playing on the punch ball machine trying to get the “superman” top score!.Chav girls can be seen hanging off the estate walking through “purewell street” with their push chairs (on average about 8-10 teenage girls spread along the street) probably off to cash there benefits book. Rick and jason are the local gang leaders of the “deecon con men gang”.who really think they in “gang war fare” they usually cause trouble by pinching grannies hand bags. The funniest thing is that you never see them on there own! what else can i say about SOMERFORD. come and visit but be warned !?

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