Solihull, West Midlands

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I tell ya what people, you have never realised the full potential of the c**v culture untill you spend a day in Solihull’s main shopping centre.

They are everywhere. They’re like those annoyin wasps weve been havin recently.

I work in a cafe in the shoppin centre and you can hear the litte rascals coming a mile away but either thier loud annoyin squeals or the jingle of fake jewelry. Those annoyin rockport shoes they wear here too. god I’d like to slap I really do.

I feel real sorry for any people who used to wear burberry too cos its gone from a respectable (if not popular) clothing item to being hijacked by these little squirmers.

They move in packs too I tell ya. I dunno if they r on the hunt or just a work that rhymes with hunt!

You cant go near mcdonalds… oh sorry I’ll use their language for this one… Maccy D’s anymore because u walk in there n either have some s*****g tryin to walk into you or some shaz (female name or c***s or kevs we have here) tryin to either get you to buy em summat or tryin to steal a fag.

I saw the youngest c**v ever theother day… he must have been about 7. Boppin about like a right geez he was, I tell ya I slap him if I could have reached without bending down.

They all support birmingham city too! Slorry for all you respectable bluenoses out there (there arent many tho) but all the t*****s support the blues, which just gives us villa fans another excuse to kick lumps out of them.

I swear most of them drw on their moustaches with biro as well.

Theres just been a new skater park built in my home town of shirley in solihull and its drawn all types of s**m to the area. Even thats been vandalised and its only been up a week!

Gotta love to hate them though, atleast the people of Solihull know that in about 10 years time when these scummers are about 25, we’ll have so many builders, brickies and plumbers we wont know what to do with them! Cos these knobs refuse to learn at school cos they think it makes em look clever (nuff sed) and I aint seen any at college or university yet and I do a media course.

The only decent c**v in the world is Mike Skinner of the Streets fame… the music is good… oh did I mention he’s from Solihull too!!

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