KentSouth East

Let’s face it, it should win on the name alone!

The local ****’s have a unique style. Multiple hoodies are worn by all, even in the summer. Hats are usually white, although blue burberry is prevalent too. They like to wear tracksuit bottoms which are too tight, the bottoms of which they tuck into socks which they have pulled up!! It’s a delightful sight to behold. They also sometimes have the tops of their boxers on display. This is a particularly good look for the ones who look under nourished.

They call eachother ‘geezer’ or ‘****** boy’, somestimes ‘bruv’ is also heard. They wear the obligatory gold curb link chain, coupled with a large ring which is miles to big for them (it’s got lots and lots of electrical tape wound around it to make it fit!). None of them have cars, they all ride mountain bikes, usually ones they have ‘chored’. They impress the ********* by pulling wheelies on them.

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