Sleaford, bloody Sleaford!

Welcome to Sleaford in Lincolnshire twinned with some german town. This market town is plagued with ***** in fact you can’t move for them and there’s plenty of fast food places that cater for the too-closely-related uneducated ner-do-wells. From them loitering at the train station abusing passengers, sniffing glue or using the the bridge that crosses the line as a toilet on their way to the USA chicken store.

Then we are on to the next two highlights of our tour, you must just stand back and take in the scenery of the Garden Of Rest,what there is.long gone is the shelter that kept the ******* dry while nipping back & forth to the off licence,(which supplies the local under age drinkers).

The shelter was removed as it was a focal point for them. The whole high street is a focal point, from the benches outside old Blockbusters to the bus shelter, where you can often find the dregs of Sleaford ******* out drinking cans of Stella (3 of them and a child too, no more than 4yrs old in the street drinking at night).

Those with cars drive up and hangout, obviously trying to pull local “lovely ladies” ,and you should really see the look of these ner-do-wells,the finest clothes the catalogues could sell and they really think they are something!

Evolution has some catching up to do with these unfortunates,those with cars drive round and round, while those without are often seen peddling on stolen bikes,riding on pavements and against traffic. Male fashion is still years behind the rest of the country. Burberry is still cool.

Sleaford was quite a nice place, but it really is a **** haven. I despair for the future of this town.

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