Slap n Tickle the city of Riccall!!

Where to begin – Riccall – Officially a village but well deserving of a **** city title!!

We have the fantastic amazing RSC – Riccall Service Crew who think they’re hard as ne thing however if u took them to the East End of London they’d panic and shat their pants!!

Little boys who wanna play with the big boys!!

How grim is your Postcode?

These lads wander around the **** capital of the vale of York thinking they can abuse ‘normal’ people. They r far from normal and have many screws loose. They have lots of mates because if u’re not their mates they’ll put a brick thru your window. Their regular hang outs are the following:

1. The graveyard- A sinister place at night – U think u’re safe but eyes r watching u. Wot a lovely place for the dead to rest in an abundance of pot smokers!!

2. The Hare and Hounds – Where will you wil find the landlord needs all the custom he can get becuase of what a major ***** and letch he really is – **** jockey the famous fooking footballer!!

3. The bus stops -These are regularly trashed every weekend and require council intervention every monday morning. This tends to be the haunt 4 the under 14’s who’ ve nicked booze off their mam!!

4. The Regen Centre – A National Lottery initiative that has been turned into **** capital with frequent sightings of burberry caps; tracksuit bottoms also the 8 carat PHAT chains that they get their knees caught in tryin to attempt an original ‘GANSTA MAN’ walk!! and many a fight when battle of the bands occurs!! The police may as well put up a tent to report crimes!!

And so we continue – If u move here or even visit, you will find plenty of nice B&B’s however do NOT attempt to walk into either pub and feel that u will b made to feel welcome – LOCAL PUBS 4 LOCAL PEOPLE. This includes the post office; cost cutters and other areas!! (Royston Vasey revisited)

THE WRECK!!! – Supposed to be a recreational ground with lovely swings n play area, including a basketball hoop!! Just 4 those who play the game (none!!) This area of the village is used for random *** acts and plenty of drug intakes!! Many a late nite party has been held here (video evidence availiable – Believe us!!)

The village green – What can be said – Well it’s opposite the letch’s pub who thinks he can control this public area from people drinking alcohol – however he does not control the whole village and thinks he is mayor but he is not!!

Behind the doctor’s surgery lies waiting 4 your pleasures (surprise it ain’t been robbed yet) a opening 4 easy access 2 prescribed drugs and a lovely place to have a quickie or long shag and hope u don’t give a resident of the old folk’s home a heart attack!!

So there we have it a village that should by right be crowned the WORST **** area of the vale of York – 4GET SELBY COME TO RICCALL SELBY’S LOVE CHILD!! U’ll have a blast, if u wanna get blanked that is or fancy a laff or punch up!! – COME JOIN US!!


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