Slade Green and Erith, Property Guide
  Written by Anonymous.

Slade Green is the tiniest little place in the middle of surrounding Chav area’s such as Erith and Crayford, but i can’t believe it is not listed on iLiveHere because there seriously is a greater amount of pikeys than there are houses!

On every corner of every road you will find an Exxxxxxx family who have a 14 year old daughter with 4 kids (Chantel, Charmaine, Cheyanne and Joe!) Yes the majority of the boys are called Joe! It’s infested with dirty, burberry wearing misfits who are illiterate apart from when tagging a nickname on a wall next to the Londis.

White Lightening bottles are everywhere and if you have ever had a car stolen i could guarantee you would find it in Slade Green, obviously whats left of your burnt out Astra. The local nightlife hang out in this greasy part of the world is Club Extreme (Erith formerly known as Tee’s) where on my first experience there, 3 15 year old girls were snorting god knows what from god knows where!

Other than that you will find about 3 shops and 2 take aways, seriously if you don’t believe me go on the slade green website! There local attraction pictures include a postbox and the public toilets! Some advice if you ever have the misfortune of going to slade green, Do not venture into Craydene Road and Do not leave your keys in your ignition when at a petrol station regardless of whether your wife and kids are sitting in it! Haha.

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