Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in West Midlands

After initial delight at stumbling upon possibly the best website this side of  http://www.gay.police.uk/ i immediately sensed my duty to inform these fair isles of possibly the darkest place on earth.

Situated some 10-15 miles from both Birmingham and its prettier sibling; Solihull, lies the concrete disgrace that is Chelmsley Wood. Purpose built after the war to house those who had their homes destroyed by Adolf and his Luftwaffe, its heroic base has given way to the most horrible concoction of unemployed, drug taking, car stealing, benefit seeking mutants. A special mention must go to the plethora of single mothers, if that is your thing, there is a rich and blentiful bounty to be sought here.

Local attractions boast a super Maccy D’s, Shopping Centre and Sport Centre.  In fairness to the Chembos the astro turf there is top quality but only because the council put their empty heads together and decided by giving them such a thing would rid the hellhole of its overly apparent crime problem.

The Wood’s main problem is Birmingham’s reluctance to acknowledge its existence.  Farmed off on Solihull Council, nice people have to pay for the baddies of the Wood to smack or roll up, whatever floats their Ford Escort!!!

What gets to the good folk of Solihull and Brum (alright maybe not brum) is that there are buses shipping armies of Herberts/Chembos/Chavettes to the sunnier climates of local entertainment spots.  To quote Zoolander ‘it is dreadful to beautiful people being disturbed by ugly people’.

This may seem a bit prejudice, but it is all true.  They are impolite, aggressive and unwanted.  I propose with a Berlin style wall around the perimeter or just ship all occupants to planet Zog.

All who understand what i am talking about say i, we must put a stop to this invasion.  It is simply sick.

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  • Lara

    It genuinely upsets me that people can be this small minded. As having been raised and currently still living in Chelmsly Wood, I will admit the area has its problems, there is no denying that. But that is no excuse to be so rude about an area and its people. Everywhere has its chav types, and while there maybe an abundance present here, there are plenty of hardworking families that live in this area, who fully respect the law, to balance them out. I have to ask whether you are naive or just plain arrogant? Drugs are done everywhere, it just so happens that they are done more openly here. You speak of poor education among the people of the area but have you asked yourself why? The management of some schools in the area is shockingly bad, an issue which is hardly the residents fault, yet a good number of me and my friends are currently at universitiy. The area has also been dreadfully neglected by both Birmingham and Solihull Council, the latter who would rather spend the money pointlessly redoing up their town centre which was unneeded as it looks the exact same, instead of putting the money into improving the living conditions and facilities of the area. So please do us all a favour and go back to the small, sheltered hole you came from.

  • successful

    Sad small minded people I am not talking about the residents of chelmsley wood, Iam talking about the sad little people with no lives that obviously feels threatened by the multicultural environment that chelmsley wood has to offer.
    I was raised in Chelmsley  Wood, I went to Whitesmore School. I also went to college then to Birmingham University whereby I passed with a honors degree.
    I dont live in Chelmsley Wood anymore due to my workplace being a significant distance away. I do however have many family and friends that still live there and have beautiful homes. Granted there are a few young people within the are that have problems, but what area doesnt have these kinds of people. Drugs etc are everywhere even in the upper class areas. Moggy was a nice lad until drugs took over, but again he is a victim of circumstance. I grew up round the corner from the Happy Trouper Pub, It  did me no harm.  
    There are too many people downing chelmsley wood and for all the wrong reasons especially those that have had fleeting visits and dont really know the families that live there.
    Evry famiy has a dodgy uncle wheeling and dealing or a family member that has a few more kids than you would like does that make them bad people……? NO
    So get off your high horse and get a job and stop hating
    As for benefit scroungers surely that if you were given something for nothing you would take it… its the governments issue not the victims of circumstance make it affordable for people with 4 kids to have a job and im sure they would snap at the chance.