Otherwise known as Shittingbourne the wonderful **** ******** town is home to some of the nicest people who unfortunatly live in such a friendly area. the increasing number of our fellow kind are being seduced and converted by the contagious and interbreeding disease that is chavidom.the commonly known “******” are well known around the town. you would b classed as “a stupid ****** ******” to cross with a “hard”*****. not being able to construct full sentences is another of the “kool crews” many achievements that they hav succesfully aquired. the kool place to be seen is nitelife. i must say i have not been so lucky as to have visited the place were its kool to be seen. as i walk around the scenic highstreet i almost everytime i spot at least one overweight woman plasterd with gold jewellery and bleachd blonde hair accompainied by about 10 children struggling to remember which child belongs to which one-night stand. whilst walking past the numerous discount stores and cheap ****** fashion shops with all the “in” clothes that are made to be worn by size 6 skeletons. which are worn by teenage girls or there mothers who rekon there “reliving there youth” by wearin the same outfit as there 15 year old size 8 daughters along with the desired and necessary large amount of gold jewellery and shoutin out such poetic names like “chantelle” or the most commonly used “danielle” or any other stupid name ending in “elle” that sounds “kool” when shouted across the highstreet. well that concludes another wonderful definition of a town near me. “cya m8z”

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