sidley crew (Bexill-on-sea)

East SussexSouth East

sidley boys are a groupe of about 40-50 and are dangerouse and ant scread of any one the egeton park asult was them and the little commen crew are **** SCREAD OF THEM and are known to run for there lifes in the past but now make there way into bexhill and kick the **** out of evry one and are known to fight the east bourn crew it is hard to amagine that such a big crew is in such a small place it is all the estates inn sidley all the yobs move from londen and big citys to settle down in ***** sidley witch ant fare of as bad every body is afraid from this evil groupe come to sidley and see for your self and if you want to see them all of them to gever come to bexhill on week ends and they tage were ever they own witch is the flowing(bexhill,sidley,pebsam,and little commen)and are known to rob drug dealers any other crews what are bigger HELP one of my mates was knocked out with one puch and his jaw was satterd and my mate was ment to be well hard intill the sidley crew formed,SIDLEY PIKEYSSSSSSSSSSS.


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