Sidcup: An incident

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I’ts hard to tell where and when ‘*****’ originated from.  As someone in their thirties, I can remember the nineties being a relatively peaceful decade, with random violence kept to a bare minimum; well, compared to these days, that is.
Then, like some  mutagenic virus spreading through a disease riddled body, these burberry clad muppets suddenly appeared, ready and willing to spawn the next ‘wave’ of ********* to plague our lives. Sorry, I digress.
I remember an incident that occurred a couple of months ago in Sidcup. whilst enroute on a 286 to meet my girlfriend at the only non **** establishment in town, a group of these social inadequates stormed onto the bus and, like all *****, gravitated towards the back seats, all the time making more animal noises than the inhabitants of Whipsnade Zoo.
Why do they do this? Is it an authority issue they have?
“Ooh, let’s be really rebellious and get as far away from the driver  as possible and still call him a c..t.”
These morons would have been more bearable if the one who possessed the group’s solitary brain cell knew WHEN TO GET OFF THE BUS. It’s usually a bus stop, kids. No, realising they’ve missed their stop, they surge down to the driver’s cab and demand to be let out in the middle of the road, at a junction; obviously not aware there are things called CARS driving by the space at speed where they wished to alight at.
Of course, when the driver refused their request, they eloquently utilised their educational prowess by calling him as many expletives their tiny minds could remember.  This went on for five minures, draining the driver’s patience, not to mention everyone else’s who shared the bus with these idiots.
One old boy, probably wishing national service was reintroduced, intervened on the driver’s behalf and told them to “stop arsing about”. This brave act, however, only meant he was the next victim of their tepid abuse.
When they finally got off and the doors closed with an audiable sigh, one little *******  put his face to the door and began the tiresome routine all over again; probably thought he was being ‘clever’ and ‘ard’.
Charles Darwin once wrote about evolution.  I think we’re seeing the first signs of ‘rapid degeneration’.

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