Shifnal (Only 3 miles from Telford)

ShropshireWest Midlands

A once, picturesque little market town, (weren’t they all) in Shropshire. Tragically, there has been a mass breeding programme there during the last 20 years or so, and now the place is crawling with them,not to mention the ****** that reside 3 miles away, and who come over in TWOC’d Novas and Escorts just to add more Chavness than the place already has.
You will find them all in one of 4 places where the **** population congregate and/or breed.

1. Outside the local Spar shop trying to look menacing to passers by, or inside it buying (or nicking) White Lightning or a bottle of Thunderbird.

2. ******* around outside the Co-Op doing pretty much the same.

How grim is your Postcode?

3. Sitting outside, “Katrina’s” by the town clock laughing/hollering with the town’s nasty alcoholic/pervert who hangs around there drinking cider with his dog.

4. The churchyard doing 1,2, and 3.

On Friday nights, follow the trails of vomit and piss out of any one of Shifnal’s 11 pubs, chucked up by a ****/********.

An eerie thought….this little town has just had its’ annual carnival back in June – prime breeding time for ***** over a weekend of mega excess. Come March 2005, or thereabouts, and another generation of **** sprogs will enter into this already overflowing Chavdom. This is true X-files stuff, believe me! Who can know what grotesque defects these **** Sprogs will have….best start searching for some Burberry romper suits…

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