South West

Having thought that I was the only person that dared to name ‘St Sherbourne’ as a chavtown, was I **** from adding it myself!

As the previous entry informs you though there is this strange phenomonom of ‘posh *****’ identified by their constant miss use of the towns real name (Sherbourne) and calling it ‘Sher-ben’ as if that is goin to make it sound posh and desirable!!

Don’t get me wrong…Sherbourne is closer to civilization than I am (in Yeovil… 8O) but I still wouldn’t swap my ‘Jardin’ing’ (expression comonly used to pluralize visiting Le Jardin’s) *****, for Sherbourne’s – ‘pack monday congregational *****!!’…They have their own march for gods sake!!…Every second Monday in October – written in the books of history – Pack Monday – the festival of making as much noise as you can!! Only long ago bin lids they used to clang together these days their lungs, and hot-hatched, Hot (as in thieved) stereos do all the noise.

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