i live in loughborough which has a big **** population but i was in stiches when i visited shepshep a while back with an ex-girlfriend of mine. we went to one of her friends house in shepshed and was expecting her to be your normal everyday girl but ohhhhh no!. When she opened the door it was like seing Mr T in sports clothes ha ha ha, she had her hair tied back on her head with a little girls big scrunchy, four big sovereign rings on her fingers which looked like she could do you some harm if you copped a slap from her, she had 5 tatoos on display and not the feminine ones, she was wearing kappa tracky trousers and a nike just do me t-shirt and as i thought it couldnt get any worse out popped the knecklace with d-12 on it that looked heavy enough to brake her kneck.

this ******** had really gone to work on herself to look the bees knees of *****!

i thought this was a one off case in that small town but when we drove home through the heart of the place the ***** crawled out like **** from the sewers all macked out in burberry, tommy hilfigure, ralph lauren and the likes with crappy market jewellery and stuff.

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