Bognor Regis… In short, everyone looks slightly odd

Sheiks nightclub has to be one of the worst places (allegedly). People familiar with Bognor will know about the nightclub on the pier called Sheiks. Well they changed it to Visions and back again, but no-one took any notice! Firstly it is the only club in the UK where the toilets are outside across what can only be described as some sort of veranda… and the toilets themselves just large versions of portaloo’s!

As if this wasn’t bad enough you will undoubtedly bump into numerous cap wearing, Argos bling, Sports Direct clad, shaven headed pond life…. not to mention the odd Polish clan.

They will promptly ask you “please kind sir do you have a lighter by chance, or perhaps a spare cigarette about your person” if your answer is negative in any way you will receive a reply which sounds as appealing as scratching one’s nails down a chalkboard.

In short, everyone looks slightly ****** and if you were to touch them i imagine they are sticky and smell of lynx africa….

Sheiks in Bognor Regis…. Not the 8th wonder of the world.

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