Living in Selby, North Yorkshire
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Selby, what can one say, it is a culture shock, to anyone from Wiltshire or somewhere decent.This is probably the biggest s**t hole on the planet.The knuckle scrapers are in the majority, and thick as doggy doo,along with loads of Poles who like fist fights, and ponsing around in BMW’s, or indeed anything German,[why do they come here they can’t stand our country or most of its people], setting up their polish sausage shops, and they all think they look cool, and most of them resemble either the mafia, or more likely the Hitler youth, and are equally arrogant, and ten times as dense,they also belong in 1976.

Selby is ‘ey up Northern England at its worst, with the usual chip on the shoulder about any criticism and they are probably the nosiest bastards on the planet.

There are probably more people with deep rooted psycopathic tendencies than I have ever come across.The pubs are so rough that you feel like you may catch the pox just by stepping in one, and there is the usual smattering of yoof in sportswear, various ex miners who still rattle on about Mrs Thatcher having taken away their school milk, and closed “all t’pits”, and the sort of people that inhabit the old Hovis ads.

They  actually think that any criticism is ,”stoopid innit”, and that all people in the South, are, “w*****s”, and responsible for why they spend their lives propping up the bar or filling tins of peas, rather than because their perspective on life is none existant or because they are too thick to read.

If you want a taste of Northern England, and every cliche in the book, then Selby is the supreme example of the epitome of that Hovis advert, I referred to.Even the estate agents and most of the so called professionals are chav or son of chav here, there is not only TK Maxx and Primark to go at, but the designer centre near York,[ which to be fair has some quality items, but this lot wouldn’t buy them, although some might work there] and Zara is a great favourite too, for over priced cheaply made Spanish s**t.

Go on pay a visit to Selby, and if you thought Surrey or Esssex ,Nottingham or Reading can be bad in parts, they are paradise compared to this ghastly little s**t hole.

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