Seaton, Devon, is over-run with pensioners

Living in Seaton, Devon
Living in Seaton, Devon

Seaton is over-run with pensioners. Not the nice fluffy kind, the “get out of my way you snivelling little fool” type on their mobility scooters. They all live in bungalow-land in the north of the town leaving the town centre to a deserted shopping street and a gigantic Tesco, which is also only half full at the best of times.

Yes, it has a seafront and an uncomfortable pebble beach with absolutely no seaside activities at all, unless you check out the ice cream kiosk. The seafront is full of run-down houses and flats and a couple of pubs that look like they were last painted and decorated just after the war. They have tat shops and charity shops that the pensioners just love, loads and loads of hairdresses who do perms for the over 60s mostly and just about nothing else.

If you live here you have a bus to Exeter (£7 each way) once every 2 hours which stops at 7 pm (same for the way back) so unless you have a car you can go nowhere. You can go to snooty Sidmouth or up-your-backside arty Lyme Regis but frankly, if you do that, why not just move there where there is more going on?

How grim is your Postcode?

Teenagers can be scouts (boys and some girls) or majorettes (girls and no boys). There is no youth club and even the local nightclub (the only one) is supposed to be closing down to turn into a gym (which will specialise probably in post-stroke and post-heart attack pensioner customers).

Best thing to do here: move.

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