Seaforth – aka Feralsville

MerseysideNorth West

This **** hole makes the characters in Shameless look Posh .
If you’re gay, black or disabled you might as well have a target on your fod with  ” **** Me now ” written on it in big red letters .
If you’re different or come from outside L21 then you might as well pack your bags & move to Iraq now because you would be much safer .
My poor mother & brother are still trapped , living in this God forsaken place .
They used to defend it to the hilt ie ” its happens every where ” !
I don’t think so .My mate lives in the Cotswolds &  and they would think it was the crime of the century if some pisshead pinched the milk off the step !!
The milkmans been robbed that many times in Seaforth he delivers in a f–kin Tank !
My Brother is disabled & the local feral muppets aged 4-14 have targeted him because he is different ?
He can’t walk the streets without shouts of Flid , Mong , freak being aimed at him. From babys still in their  buggys ! Dummys out ,snotty nose at the ready , sausage roll’s  to launch at unsuspecting passer’s bye .
Its **** most of the kids under three have TASBO’S . Toddler Anti Social Behaviour Orders or as i call ’em LCCO’S = Little **** C–t Orders.
By the time they make it ten they will have been expelled from school , stabbed & maimed at least 2 other kids in the area and be planning to Rob & torture at least 1 local pensioner !
People talk about parental control – You’re havin a f–kin laugh ! The **** ****** parents are either permanently banged up in Walton nick or out selling heroin & dealing crack . The grandparents are no better ..they know there sons & daughters are on the dole yet don’t ask questions about the £2,000 flat screen they got for crimbo or why there kids are drivinf 4×4’s and wearing bullet proof vests ?Hi mum put the kettle on will ya i’ll just put me uzi in the shed ! and i f–kin know yeh !!
Every family is competing to be the hardest …Mums, daughters ,grandmothers battling in the streets ripping each others scrunchies out , gettin their best pj’s dirty , spud knives and staffordshire bull terriers at the ready .All blowin each other up to the social & grassing to the bizzies . If you can’t fight em take em down dirty blow the C—ts up to everyone !
The highlight of the week is when someone dies or gets shot ! or if some local scuz appears on the front page of the echo got  20 years plus in nick with sighs of ” he was a good lad , ded hard , took no **** off no one just looked after his family ” R these people for real ? The highlight of their lives is when they can brag about being the hardest or ” r kids doin a 15 stretch – piece of piss ” they say .
Well why is it that drug dealers are so ****** thick ? if you had mucho’s dineros in the bank wud you still live in Seaforth or Bootle ? Get the social to pay your birds rent , put some dallas gates on the ****** drive way , add a few roman columns and concrete lions , paint the lot bright white and park your 4×4 on the corner & off course buy posh pj’s from marksys for the missus & get your trackies from town … some are so thick they drive round in their mam or dads moby cars with a shed load of coke in the back braggin about how much money they have made this week . ****** funny till ya old girl gets dragged in and gets internally swabbed whilst your swannin ya fat sted head **** in Magaluf !

Drug moneys no good how you goin to f–kin spend it when your in nick or dead . F–kin t-ts the lot ov em !! De hard untill they step foot outside L21 they then become little ***** in a ****** big hard world .When 18 year olds are caught carryin uzi’s round ya know your in ****** trouble big boys ????

I lived on Granby st in Toxteth for 4 years which was a f–kin doddle compared to this cess pit .

How grim is your Postcode?

My mams convinced the good people will get Seaforth back to what it once was when she moved there but its a pipe dream as most of the good have either died or moved away ….an i can’t see an army off pensioners clearing the **** Feral **** away from the streets of Seaforth .

They wud be had off before they could get petition pen to paper & end up having a nice holiday at Fazackerly A& E with a broken Jaw .

My poor brothers just traumatised now frightened to go out incase ” The Hoodies get him ”  or should i say        ” The Toddler Massive  ” and he is frightened to leave me Ma incase she go’s out in a pair of Pink Pj’s scrunchied up hair off to the offy to get a few tinnys in then go kick **** out of the neighbours …After all if ya can’t **** em Join em …at least that way your chances off survival increase ?

Honestly its  so ****** now in Seaforth even the **** have f–ked off to Bootle and thats sayin something so visit this hell hole at your own peril .
Wear a bullet proof vest over ya lacoste trackie & you might just get some repect La …..

Seaforth is it Britain’s most feral ridden **** hole …oops Town ?

I think so ……

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