Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire

East AngliaHertfordshire

I am a greebo in Sawbridgeworth, I cause no trouble and I am unhappy to say my picturesque villiage is becoming dominated by *****. I can’t walk about after 8pm, from fear of a group known as ‘The Hamsleys’. I advise you not to walk through the park next to the church after 7:30pm on a Friday night, as no doubt, groups of up to 25 ***** are normally there getting drunk (Sean Brayon’s lot). Then there is the BSE, another group of stupid ***** who call them selves the BSE (Bell Street Elite). Dan Atkins and his ‘bluds’ go around thinking they own the place. You reguarly see them in cars which can be heard miles away. When two ***** mug someone in Bullfields, another two light up a joint in Vantorts Park. I am really ashamed to say that Sawbridgeworth is becoming a **** haven, with no police after the Community Support Officers go home, I am not shocked.

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