Sandwich (White-lightning Weirdos!)

KentSouth East

Sandwich, a quaint little town situated on the east kent coast. A town approximately 1 square mile in size, a former port town, with a lot of history. But the history is still coming!

Just a few weeks prior to this, there was a car dumped by some nearby garages by a group of ***** who looked between 15-18/19 years old (i noticed them when i was looking out from my bedroom window which i tend to do before i go to bed). The car was then torched, with the fire also spreading partly onto the naturally-growing blackberry bushes nearby.

But today, i walked into the town centre to draw cash from an ATM machine. I went past the guild hall and the bus station, and unusually, there were few ***** there. I wondered where they’d disappeared to. It would seem many have moved to the streams running through the middle of the town, sitting near them fishing. I wonder to myself what they hope to catch? A new pair of nike trainers? A Ben Sherman shirt? Or maybe a Burberry cap? Maybe the real fishing is done when they find their latest “bird”, usually a fat, chain-smoking, double-chinned, white-lightning drinking drug-addict (a common thing in Sandwich).

How grim is your Postcode?

Other places of ****-interest seem to be the skate park (firstly to scare off the legitimate skaters who want to use it, because they cant be happy dealing drugs in the other parks in the town, and secondly because it’s the ideal place to go out with “ur m8z, init!” drinking white lightning and smoking pot “bruv”). There’s also the Spar and Thresher shops. If you look about 18 or slightly older, they ask you if you’ll buy them a bottle of white-lightning with their money, and even offer you the chance to keep the change (usually all of about 10 pence).

And last but not least, the 2 houses just opposite the 1 in which i live. 1 contains a guy who drove his dad to suicide, his brother to run away to live with his uncle, and his sister to move out and instantly get impregnated by a 17-stone slob of a ****. The other contains 4 women, who, with fairness, never used to look to rough. Now, however, with 1 being in her 40’s, and the others ranging between 15-20, they all have at least 1 child 4 years old or younger. It’s a sad case to see such un-educated morons living in an otherwise unforgiving world.

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