well the ***** in saltash hav all now mostly moved to the new housing estate call pillmere and re-named by people like me swillmere.

the younger ***** hang around in the new parks that have been made tryin to act all hard by standing there in gangs of 10 and if you and some freinds walk in straight away make a comment that stupid like ya ginger… that proves that they aren’t as stupid as we 1st thought they were. and when you sit down they all start comin over and trying to show off there locaste ba n fred perry n so ben serman init! they will no doubt have a foot ball with them and try and do as showoff in frount of the girl that are there by kicking there ball at us. thats stupid as the industal estate next to it is a very good place to kick it in to as they have to work as a team to getover the fence but they end up argin between them selfs. and then it made more fun by just simply all of the group you are in to stand up or take a step toward them they will ethier flinch or run like hell back to there house and re appear at the park in 10 minites and start on you again.

for the older ***** that are in yr 8-11 of saltash the place to hang out at night is k2 well they tell there parents that if they give a **** bout them that is. they will most proberly be found down at the kwik shop tring to get some1 to but them *** and boose so they can have a “good time” and if they do acheve to get there hands on some boose they will normal just fight over it as they all chped in while some of thefemale ***** of saltash ( ***** tarts etc) will start smoking the *** that were brought. as they walk around town trying to be as loud and disterbing to every1 theycan they will always somehow see a bunch of goths, emos, sk8er n rockers. and start instulting them and sometimes start fighs with that isn’t the most sencible idea as the goths of saltash have claws and boots that hurt and will hurt there freinds with. so if there there enemys the would most proberly **** them but the **** alway decide to run in the end and meet up again at k2 and have a gd time tellin each “how they kicked there *****”

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salash community school seems to be **** heaven only have a couple of people how arn’t *****, this is the place were ***** rule in there eyes they out number the over kids like goths, emos, sk8ers n rockers and think they have power over them. the toiles have “graffita” in them but i think that call this number for sec 84#### isn’t graffita in my eyes. and the normal comverttion that can be heard in class how this girl sucked this lad of or that i got sucked of or i got fuked of i gave a ******* to this lad lastnight. and go on about all day with the sudden “in it ba” in the middle of a sentance as they just thought bout it and cant rember much if they are already tell 1 fake *** story to some1. or they are talkin bout some fit girl that is gonna be theres coz there so sexy…. my *** there sexy!

when the ***** arn’t in saltash you will normally find them in plymouth city centre that is the nearest city to saltash all surronding the sun dial that is like there place of refuge were they all hang out n try 2 look hard but they normally all look twats. i just cant see what real man would walk into town wearing a pink shirt, talk about cloths n shoes all the time n say there hard. if you do walk past the sun dial and there are a group of ***** there they will normally just be sayin init n get on ba. and makin up storys that they fuked this real fit girl last night n if by chance one of the did get a shag they will always not say that it cost them a hole £30 for n hour.

the place for the older **** woman and **** men in saltash or plymouth and night the normal hangout is union street or the barbican. as it is covered in club and bars and the place to be seen if you are one. but in my view there the place 2 be not seen in. there are a couple of place for the people how are not chave to go like the phonix and c1o3 where the band of plymouth and saltash play.

if your not a **** or swill in saltash and plymouth you get called weird because most of the young population of saltash and plymouth are swill/***** the only place you can go with ***** being there in saltash is down the water side to the live wire youth group that has people like me there mellow chill out and plays music and likes rock gerenally. but if you cant get down there your fuked as all of the town is covered in **** annoying old women for fun or goin round in there keved up cars

so people i would just never move to saltash/ plymouth coz u gonna just want to move outas fastas you can to some place were there are hardly or prefrably no ***** there

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