salford (the precinct)

Greater ManchesterNorth West

i know salford is already on here but i need to stress just how scummy and c**v-infested it really is. i live right on the border of this sh*thole and a (marginally) nicer area and it’s amazing to see the difference between the two.

every *self-respecting* c**v in the north manchester area knows that salford precinct (concrete shopping monstrosity surrounded by high-rise council flats) is the place to be. it might be small but it truly is c**v mecca. EVERYTHING here is a discount shop… from the 2 ‘everything for a quid’ shops to wilko’s to the linen discount store (?!)… even the allsports is a factory seconds outlet. honestly, you have to see it to believe it. as well as the discount (faked) perfume shop there’s the obligatory ‘gold centres’ which sell ‘forfeited pledge’ (nicked) engagement rings on the cheap. female c***s can always be found with their orange foundation-plastered faces stuck up againast the glass admiring those nasty hooped earrings with ‘charmaine’ written accross the middle and scary clown pendants. the precinct is probably one of the last few places in the uk to still have a wimpy…and that’s new, only been there a couple of years. the public toilets are a no-go area (unless you’re trying to score a hit/get mugged) and the whole place reeks thanks to the strategically-placed gabbot’s farm selling infected meat at super low prices (“ere y’are, half a chicken, only a quid”). salford shopping city (the council recently renamed it in a bid to make it seem half decent) is built on one level so that all the pramhead 14-year olds can push little bethany-jayne or baby d’wayne (whose face is usually covered in bits of pasty) around with the minimum of bother. every shop has its own security guard (usually to be found leering over the afore-mentioned 14 year-olds) and there are at least 2 security guards patrolling the bits inbetween at any given time. in short, this place mings. enter at your peril.

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