Salford – Its beyond a joke now.

Living in Salford, Manchester
Living in Salford, Manchester

Salford – Its beyond a joke now.

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What can I do to hit back at the c**v culture thats taking over the country? Not a lot it would seem. So, all I can do for now is point out what goes on in the City of Salford and reasons why it should be ‘deep cleaned’ of the s**m that is Salford Ian (read salfordian)

Firstly, the girls. They are gobby, they think that because they have tits they are grown up despite being only 14. They shout ‘Pedo’ at hardworking family men who work 6 days (or nights) to provide a better life for their families (and ultimately, in my case, aim to move house to a nicer area).

In fact, in the short time Ive lived in Salford Ive spotted graffiti claiming ‘such a person is a baby beater / pedo / nonce) written on : –

a) a wooden fence
b) a brick wall
c) a bus stop
d) all over some poor buggers house

And to be honest, it makes me f*****g sick. Especially when the high chances are… the person is innocent.

What these stupid, underage, drunken bitches dont realise is that at some point they will meet a real pedophile or rapist, and when they do they wont know. Remember the boy that cried wolf anyone? It will be too late then girls because the police wont believe you.

As for the Salford Boy’s…. well…. exactly my point. Boys. Not one boy but 10 boys, on bikes, with dads and mums, causing trouble, claiming to know half of salford (I know half of liverpool… so f*****g what?) and acting all big and hard. Its funny how they cry like babies when you catch them sober, on their own, about 10am in the morning. . .

Now for the older generation (not wiser), some of them feel that they are righteous mums, accusing hard working dads (like me) of child neglect because I wont let my kids ‘play out’ in the street (too much s**m around for my liking, tried it once, but my kids got shoved around and took the piss out of).

Thing is, these mums are the same mums who have to go without food to feed their kids beans on toast for tea cos they are so skint. They proudly claim “Ill feed my kids before I feed myself!” but then instead of feeding themselves they buy tins of lager or visit the local Joseph Holts pub.

At times, Ive thought, “f**k it”. Ive gone out and carved my own baseball bat out of a piece of wood and very nearly gone vigilante.

But why should I go to prison because of some stupid dick head who has nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting locked up (access to drugs, a bed and food). Im not losing my family and my freedom to see one of the motherfuckers spill his brains all over the pavement.

One day, it will happen, people will get sick of it, and some people – including myself – are getting ever closer to thinking ‘doing time’ will be worth it just to get the s**m of my street.

Its not just Salford, its everywhere, and no one wants to admit that this all started when the government banned smacking kids at school. Bring back smacking kids. Teach the little sods some respect before its too late.

Just remember C**v Boys and Girls…. what goes around comes around and you will get yours in the end.

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