Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in East Anglia, Essex, United Kingdom

Saffon Walden, lying near the Essex / Cambridgeshire border, was recently labelled the best place to live in Britain. It is indeed a pleasant town… until dusk.

This remnant of Olde England is now heavily polluted by chavs, who take over the town’s pubs and cause such trouble at chucking-out time that the local police (all two of them) turn out in force.

The Fighting Temeraire, a pub named after Turner’s classic painting, was renamed “The Temeraire” out of embarrassment of the owners, alchopop-pushers Wetherspoons.

Favourite haunt of the chavs and oiks is the ABC burger bar, a dismal place run by people of questionable nationality. On Saturday nights, even if blood hasn’t been shed, the street outside is left with enough litter to fill a warship.

Aggression levels are not helped by the presence of squaddies from nearby Carver Barracks. But even they are no match for the local scum when fully lagered.

After a lardburger from the ABC they go and breed on the Common.

And to think… this is “THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE IN BRITAIN”.