Living in Rushden
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Northamptonshire

Well what to say about Rushden.

9,000 Acres of scum and scum who think they are the better scum, this is a disturbed town and nothing has gotten better in the past years with numerous murders, attempted murders, violent attacks and half of luton using it as a place to sell drugs i can say that this town is a massive problem in Northamptonshire.

If you take a stroll threw the town in the day (safest time!) you will see like most places within Northamptonshire that there is nothing for people, other than pubs, gyms, charity shops and well, more pubs.

Anti social behaviour isnt new to people here, on every street you will probably see a bunch of bored sh*t bags who have nothing better to do than boost the crime rate and cause people grief.

To add to that Rushden is VERY racist, even the people who you may see as Respectfull probably shouts the N – word like its some form of banter, Go to one of the many pubs and you will think you have walked in on a EDL briefing.

I guess you will just have to see for yourself. All i can say is avoid anywhere in the centre of the town at night unless you want some drunk trying to bottle you because your not wearing Airmax 90s and unless you enjoy seeing heroin addicts, drugs dealers and mentally ill teenagers then stay away from Birch Rd or anywhere to the right of that part of Rushden.

Also avoid Higham Ferrers, its not any better.

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  • Bob

    This article is in its own right racist! Talking about everyone in Rushden as one of the same and labelling them in your words as SCUM? I am a respectful and successful professional living in Rushden and have to say your article made me chuckle. I do not fit in any of the categories you have so eloquently described, well done your spelling mistakes, comments and un educated statements reinforce that narrow minded, blanket bombing bigoted idiots live everywhere and as you put, think they are better than everyone else. 10 out of 10 for putting yourself in the same categories you described above 🙂

  • Jackie M

    What absolute rot, the person that wrote this appears to be the illiterate scum that they refer to in this scathing diatribe of drivel, maybe they should go and live on a desert island they clearly are not gregarious enough for this community based decent little town