RUNCORN – dont dis my home

CheshireNorth West

YO PEOPLE, hold up! i see you baby… shaking your “****” stories all over my town, but wait one darn minute! there are 2 sides to every story and there are two sides to this town!

take a look around my neighbourhood and you can see my £280,000 house with its pool and summer house! all the teenagers attend highschools and get bullied for being posh by the *****. and the older ones are in universities across the world to get away from the place. The parents seen keeping their houses and gardens neat and tidy ( and paying twice the council tax to keep it that way) and are off from work due to under paying jobs and stress!
but no where to be seen is there a dole line or a queue for benefits! now that dont sound like no **** house now does it?

sure… just coz on the west side we got ICI who’s towers make that roring sound every once in a while and the place is covered in a fine red dust! and all the houses had to be knocked down in weston because ICI stored loads of chemicals that started seeping up through the ground and were making the walls disintergrate, and people were having liver problems and babies being born with the strangest abnormalities. This was all planned by the ***** coz ICI gave em all new 150,000 houses in the nicer areas! they’d never be able to afford that other wise.

and if you live with the view of a chemical plant you sometimes get the over powering stench from the bone and glue factories coming through your windows. it doesnt mean it smells bad all the time. it a free way of getting high with your mates!

and over on the south side, the multicolours of legoland southgate have now been transformed into the nice houses of hallwood. they didnt like the first houses so they trashed em and the council build em new ones. aint that nice. they are some of the newest and nicest looking in runcorn! and they are all still claming their original benefit so the council helps em out loads.

and just because the grey block flats of castlefields look like prison cells and most of the residents either have been, are going, or will go to prison, doesnt mean their aint good people. they help bread and raise the new runcorn mafia thats keeping the drugs scene in order. It a big business with big money. more than your flashy job earns!

just coz we got one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in britain, doesnt make the girls *****! its hard to get a job. its easier to get pregnant at 14 and the council will give you a rent free house of your own! thats sense, not stupidity!

just coz we got the third highest crime rate in britain doesnt make it a bad place to live. people all over the place who use ebay are making the runcorners millions. rob a tv for free, sell it on ebay for a grand! easy money. thats a months wages for you!

ill have you know those lacoste trackies are real, as is the burbury and you know that stuff aint cheap! they bought it with their own cash. they dont bother robbing stuff like that. they save the robbing for TVs, electronical stuff, cars and stuff thats goes for loads on ebay! they dont rob old women on the street. they plan it months in advance and hit on security vans and cash machines and banks where the real money is. now that smart!

so if you ask me, you out their, blood sweat and tears in your flashy job to earn less that you think you should, off with stress, trying so hard to raise a family in a nice house. you aint got no sense.

BECOME A ****.
branded clothes,
free council house
no tax
people expect you to rob stuff, so it no suprise when you do,
the police are so pissed off they cant be bothered arresting you.
all the scallies get to know the bouncers from an early age so getting into clubs is easy.
you know everyone
everyone knows you

the end

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