Runcorn (cheshire)

CheshireNorth West

And it could have been such a nice day out…

what started out like any other journey….Just going along the motorway, heading for’s dark, it’s easy to make mistakes in the dark right. your not concentrating properly so you come off the motorway a little bit early. the tone of the whole journey changes in an istance. You travel along for a mile or so going along express ways, under large bridges where 7year olds sit on the slopes toward the outside with plastics Asda and Quick Save bags wrapped round their heads sniffing imulsion paint just to see if it works ( well s’posse it’s worth a try) But then things get worse, whats this, a 13year old lad dressed in a white Lacoste trackie is pissing off the top of a large industrial type brige? oh little…..thats on my ******* windscreen you little bleeder!! but after you have calmed down you decide that its a good idea to stop for a drink. you pull over to some shops. you check the area out, no bus stops and no benches. hey hey you get out the car feeling quite good for someone in utter shock after your terrible ordeal. thinking to your self, and quite rightly too, ” I OWN this town!, I am superior :)” you walk in to the shop, its dark but you feel fine, i mean come on all you need to do, is go in the shop grab a drink and get out. oh yeah, lock your car durh! so your walking towards the shops entrance, you see some youths outside, so what.” You OWN this town , YEAH!” In the middle of your dramatic spurt of confidence, the shoulders start going, side to side, your not a gangster but you show some sort of an aurthoritive possision with the shoulders going. hang on no you don’t , you look exactly like the 6ft5 scally who is walking towards you, erm right yep ok now you are nearer to the shop than you are to the car so carry on walking, keep your head down. whats that noise, what the ****, he’s got a load of mini Me’s behind him. wow they all have the same chains, trainers, trackies and caps…how…errr….cool? shut up no, they look like **** heads! so you carry on waling ok the big scally has gone past you…wait on he jsu touched my shoulder,he tapped it. jus carry on because you can’t go back to the car now, the shop is so near. oh **** he’s holding my shoulder. this is the time to turn around. you say “yep” …yep!, what the hell, who the **** says yep anymore you ****! oh god hes goin to talk, i can hear his braces crunching together..”ya ***** startin man innit?!” you reply “pardon?” he answers quickly”il git ma cru on u u ***** *** hed **** ******** yeah man innit” followed by laughter from mini me’s. hey i know i’l be clever ” your crew? jus because you can’t fight your own battles you insignificant piece of ****!” wow hes going to punch you hes goign to punch you..nows the time to move, the rings on his fingers will hurt if they connect. RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! having not done crosscountry for a fair while it was safe to say that you can’t run but you try your hardest. you reach the car, oh why the hell did i buy a diseal! ok wait for the light to go off..whys it taking so long!!! ok its off and ur off. phew tht were close innit man!

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