Ruislip Manor

West London

Ah Ruislip Manor the ultimate **** **** area, where the underaged dogs make their best attempt at ‘aaaaaaightine’ with the wonderful concrete tangoed foundation and the belt skirtsv with the wonderful slouch boots.Dont they just make their parents proud.
The best trademark of the ruislip manor ***** its trying to get served cigs and alcohol in Budgens, they swarm in there hundreds making the funniest attempts, ‘can we have, em Becki wat do we smoke again? oh yer 15, em 10 Mayfair superkings plz’ and wondering why the hell dont get served screaming at the cashier ‘u is blind u stoopid **** u dont know nuffin, I is obviously sixteen’ whilst kicking a door in.
Bless our lil chavlings of the Manor

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