WarwickshireWest Midlands
Rugby is a town overrun by pockets of trash teenage ****.

I was going to set up a website all about the teenage **** gangs in rugby, but this site seems to be doing ok. well done!

Ironically,  I only became aware of this sites existence from an article in the rugby observer. The same paper that has never printed any of the letters that I have sent them regarding the local teenage **** in my area.

One reason I was going to start my own website was to highlight how completely useless the police are in dealing with the antisocial **** in the area.

I have provided them video of the 10-20 local ***** teenagers in various acts of vandalism.
On a weekly basis they move between 5 key local **** hangouts ( including 2 schools & a church hall) all of which are regularly vandalised by the same gang.

I have informed the police (and they know) – who they are , and of the hangouts, and the times they are there.

So what do they do…? police the area in the morning ( why?) . The local vandalism etc.etc.(14 school windows in 1 night alone, 6 another 4 another 3 another & on& on) happens from 6:30pm onwards.

The answer you ask…Very simple, too simple obviously, send the local pc`s round to patrol the right areas at the right time.

Of course, the police could be a lot more effective -BUT!- what the hell are the parents of these kids doing? Don`t even get me started there. I have 2 nice respectable kids, so  I know as well as all DECENT parents out there , that there is no excuse for  you **** PARENTS not knowing where your teenage thug kids are in the evenings.

Stop smoking , Boozing, and slobbing in front of the tv & take a walk around the area where your trash kids hang out and observe their behaviour. I dare you.
why, when the majority of teenagers (there must be at least 1000 in my area) behave themselves, don`t hang around, don`t cause criminal damage , don`t commit acts of violence, do we have to put up with the minority that do?

Rugby`s current mayor is “championing the positive aspects of young people”. And says…”Rugby is quite a cultural town and its young people are anyting but *****”

The ones that do what I have been describing above ARE !
and there are areas all over rugby just as bad or worse!

Summing up…
Rugby tolerates ****, *****, vandals, whatever you want to call them.
Rugby is the ASBO capitol of Warwickshire – fact.
and thats only touching the surface with 36 asbo`s,  it Should be more like 360!!!!!

If you don`t agree you are blind or you live away from the hangout areas, so don`t comment. All of you who see this every day –  feel free to comment.

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