Rugby is **** central..drugby

well if theyre not ******* about on street corners, theyre attempting to ‘grebo bash’ outside ohagans the local rock venue…(now mostly changed to club DNA, **** hangout), or sharing of can of fosters between twenty of their little **** groups. when i was at school i had lots of problems wit these ones, threatenin to batter me for two years,l but aint seen the evidence of tht yet..i got so fed up i was the only person who wud stand up to them, thts prob y they hated me. look at them wit their socks over trousers thinknin theyre all this n that having no respect for anyone except their own ****** little arses. or fat ones in some cases. like when the obese girls wear tiny skirts tht make them look like theyre wearing a tent. the amount of spit that lines the towns streets makes u want to vomit (discreetly in a toilet rather than the graveyard.) they think they can get away with hurting ppl when most of the time theyre all mouth anyway. crashing birthday parties, gettin ‘mashed on pills’, only to find out its only been paracetomol theyve been taking. hehe. i think we should lure them to a building and blow it up. save the town from bein over run by underage girls with 3 kids.and why do they demand respect from people wen they dont give any out? do they know what the word means? i’ll start having respect for them when they start having respect for the world and the people in it. 

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