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Having grown up in this town, I can supply you with a fair account on the sad state of it today.

Rugby, as a town, is hardly a patch on how it apparently once was. Today, it’s filled with most of the filth ruining this country. If you can name it, Rugby Town has it. Spend a day in the town centre and you will experience it all. The sight of single teenage mothers, so called chavs and similar monstrosities is not uncommon, I can assure you. Be sure to avoid some areas of the town. In fact, make that most areas. No matter where you go, there are good and bad people. With the current reccesion, nothing has improved in Rugby at all, but I wouldn’t say it’s degraded further in the past ten years.

The majority of the news reported in our local newspapers, the Observer and the Advertiser, is generally bad. Drugs raids, murders, rape and other crimes are not a rare sight, and generally, these overshadow the better, nicer things that happen in the town. Speaking of crime, Rugby Police are hardly helpful if you are in trouble, and the bid officers, known locally as the Power Rangers, are laughed at by most of the town’s youth.

All in all, whilst it may have been a nice place 50 or so years ago, today it is hit and miss. In a way, much like modern day Britain.

If you have anything to say on my words, good or bad, please leave a comment below.

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