Rubery not a town but a small **** ******** village

West Midlands

Picture the scene your walking down Rubery highstreet on your way to pick up a few essentials when you spy in the distance a mass of rockports and burberry…….yes its the local kev population! They hang around in packs ready to swoop on innocent village folk ‘will you go in the shop for us?’ this is there call! There favourite hang outs, there are many in this small place, include outside rubery wine store by the chipshop (always a favourite with kevs), the local costcutter,and the famous Mister chips the list goes on!
Noone is safe… place is uninfested with this burberry clad evil! Sporting the latest ‘trackie B’s’, ‘rockies’ and burberry caps calling anyone who is not one of there own a ‘goth’ and threatening to ‘knock em out’ as they pass by.Drinking white lightening out of the bottle on the street or on a park bench with several generations of there family, laden with gold brought from the local argos or half price jewelers is one of there favourite passtimes
.Kevs are truely the bane of my existance and have taken over the place i live like a disease.It was enevitable however as it seems they have ******** every corner of the country and especailly as i live so close to Brieley Hill in Dudley which apparently is the **** centre of the universe and i completly agree and as would anyone who has walked around merry hill and seem the 6 foot gold hoop earrings ******* from the ears of nearly all the female shoppers as well the the mass of gold chains round there knecks and of course the obgliatory dangly gold clowns!
There seems to be a theme in all of these articles and that is MACDONALDS, there carparks are a haven for kevs in there naff vauxhall novas which they apprently have ‘souped’ up, thinking they are in the fast and the furious or something but its a fact that none of them are infact Vin diesel and will never be! I have observed there behavour (at a distance of course for fear of being knifed as in there eyes i would be classed as a ‘goth’) and it seems they drive out of the carpark drive around the block and then return what the significance of this behavour is i will never know………i mean we all know there a bunch of twats, but theres just no logic!
Seeing the likes of this **** on the streets of Britain makes me ashamed to say that i am British more over it makes me ashamed to say i am human as i then have something in common with the gold clad pondscum that is the **** (id like to think this is some kind of alien invasion…….so much for finding intelligant life out there)

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