Royston Chavsey (Herts)

East AngliaHerefordshire

Sleepy little market town now on the frontier of chavdom
This little cesspool was once a small and pleasant market town forty miles or so north of London. This rural idyll was rudely ended in the 1970’s when fuckwit planners, in a desperate search to find new locations to dump the dregs of humanity decided that Royston was an ideal site for London overspill housing.

And lo, as if in some perverse fairytale, within a few short years the pretty little town had a huge council estate built on it’s north side, appropriately named the Burns Road Area. This prophetic naming foresaw the burned out cars and convenience stores of only a few years later.

The sudden influx of some of the chavviest s**m from London created a rapidly escalating crimewave, with local villages being targeted by bejewelled human effluent looking for a fight.

I recall having a flick-knife held to my throat once by a tracksuit wearing wankstain, who I now know to have been an early proto-c**v. But before long, and due to a prodigious breeding rate, these early proto-c***s had devolved into the chavscum we know and loathe today.

The town itself once had quaint little local shops, but these were quickly killed off by a greedy council who introduced and then rapidly increased car parking charges while hiring some elder chavscum as traffic wardens to ensure that no drivers ever visited the town again.

Now there are plenty of cut-price shiteshops to provide the indigenous c***s with a natural chavitat. The town had, until quite recently, a charming old cinema, of which I have plenty of fond teen leg-over memories. It has been demolished, and therefore the town is totally devoid of any cultural interest whatsoever.

At the town centre there is the Royse Stone. A lump of glacial rock that has been there for years. It now forms the epicentre for c**v night time activity, despite having an IQ well in excess of the majority of the local populace.

I notice that expensive new housing is now being built on the further outskirts of the town. If you are passing and perhaps tempted to stop and visit a showhome, don’t. The heart of the town is now rotten with c***s. Think Royston Vasey, but full of chavscum and you get the idea….

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