Mythomroyd is drowning in *****

North EastYorkshire

I live in Mythomroyd..I cnt rlly say tht this is a big town and 99.99999999% of you will never of heard of it! Every day I count the ***** on my way to college, I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t upwards of 40 ***** each time I count! To be honest i puke my own **** up at the thought of ***** and usually try to avoid the topic as much as I can but as you work is so inspiring to me I decided to spare the time to contribute to your wonderful site! Ok well My town is completely ******** in ***** and they are so dedicated to their cause tht they have managed to combine all their brainpower to make a website depicting them as a glorified gang! The picture shows them holding glass bottles and knives and wearing bandannas across their faces! As I later mentioned to them…this is not a very nice way to make friends! I make it my mission to disrupt the daily lives of the *****! Some of my missions include..pelting them with eggs..buying all the cigarettes at the newsagents and burning them, so the resulting cloud of smoke tht floats over the town taunts them by giving them a tiny nicotine hit every 5 miniutes, I also like to go up to a gang of them dressed as a goth and spit at them! well not really but I daydream about doing this stuff…my town is constantly under threat and I want it to stop, basically I want to wipe my **** on those chocolate coated niggerfied **** baskets and see them all rot in a pile of my steaming **** as I stand by and laugh while I stir them round with a chainsaw! lol…. regards MArk 😛

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