Roundshaw nr Croydon

I can’t believe someone has not already included this dump on which i have lived for about ten years. It has to be one of teh worst offennding **** area’s in the country.

The estate uniform usually consists of a pair of adidas tracksuit bottoms and a nike puffa jacket, topped off of course by the **** fav a fake burberry cap and some goldie looking chains. I would say the main offenders are the teenagers ******* around on the street corners “Grafing” the bin cupboards, smokin dope and drinking cans of Fosters but i guess it doesn’t end there.

The adults are just as bad, dressed in a similar get up to the teeenagers but also armed with a pram (usually the women) or a battered Ford XR3i with no tax, also with a can of beer permanently in one hand only they have upgraded to a Super T. Most of the adults have never done an honest days work except of course whilst they were on the social doing the odd day here and there painting and decorating.

How grim is your Postcode?

The most embaressing thing of it all is that Roundshaw has just undergone a multi million pound refurbishment in order to rid it of it’s history (murders, suicides and assaults) armed us with a leisure centre (a new **** hangout, well at least they are off of my doorstep now) and tried to change the name to Wallington Village, all we are left with no are ***** with a slightly more house proud and area proud outlook on life.

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