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Another typical breeding ground for chavvism, what more can you say. In AD2004 you can divide this place into two categories:- 1) “****” (**** areas in the main town such as Kimberworth and greasborough) as employment prospects in the main town were based on steel, and 2) “Even worse” (outlying ex-mining villages like Maltby and Dinnington). these places were based on coal mining but are now more famous for their high number of class A drug users than anything else. well – apart from the ratio of boarded up houses, discarded TV sets, sofas and modified 1000cc cars to human beings.

But……a question for us all to ponder….is this drug usage due in any way to the abscence of a certain fast food chain in the area???? Is that what they actually stuff in their food – and is that why the scutters love it so much?? Have I finally stumbled across the answer?????

More prestigious retailers such as Marks and Spencer and some of the main high street chain stores such as Top Man have shut down and concentrated their business out of rotherham town centre in parkgate retail world or “Med’rall” – the Meadowhall centre in sheffield. Into town have come the likes of Poundland and extra branches of greggs increasing the amount of litter but lowering the tone, range of decent available goods and subsequent levels of non-**** patronage in the town centre. Stalls aplenty in the market do a roaring trade in kitting out the young and old ****-about-town with imitation Stone Island jumpers to cover any beer guts where applicable, plus the ubiquitous burberry caps/hackett shirts/henri lloyd knockoffs and other **** that no self-respecting human being would be seen dead in.

How grim is your Postcode?

Rotherham is home to wonderful nightlife too -the “£15 all you can drink” nights at Tivoli – together with The Zone, 5th Avenue and New York New York nightclubs (the names may change but the faces don’t!!) have long been acknowledged in south yorkshire for the sterling role they have played in helping to increase the teenage pregnancy, STD and GBH rates.

As there is an indefinite bus strike in South Yorkshire at the moment, (get back to work you lazy bastards!!!!), after getting tanked up on 20/20, Lambrini and White Lightning imitation at the above late night venue(s), the midland road bus station therefore provides ample opportunity for (14 year old – and already slept with double figures) Shazza to give 16 year old dad of 2 (i’m hard and i know it) Gazza a ******** than the back seat of his TWOC’d XR3i – and is also far more luxurious than the overhead NCP car park.

Any hope at raising civic pride? let’s head to millmoor, a sports stadium which still looks like something from the 1950s – home of perennial strugglers Rotherham United FC and of course the infamous Rotherham Titans RUFC, a team who lost every rugby match they played last season. oh dear forget that idea. This might help to explain the number of chavspawn you see wearing Arsenal shirts though?

Recently on Yorkshire TV was a special programme called “Beautiful Rotherham” about young asylum seekers who had moved into the town from various parts of the world including 1 16 year old from rwanda who had lost all his family. to get a balanced view the programme makers spoke to some giro-claiming ‘fake’ burberry clad yob sat on a bench in the town centre (during daytime hours) complaining about “all of them people coming here and getting money for doing nothing”, – really? so what did you actually achieve of note that day mr, apart from beating your own masturbation record? What a ****.

ah well, thats rotherham for you, another worthy nomination – think i’ll head off somewhere else and get away from it all – perhaps Hunstanton? on second thoughts – that’s no better is it?

Tony Blair, are you listening, read this site and see what is happening to our society??

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