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Rossendale is made up of a equally shitty group of towns. Those being:

Rawtenstall, the epicentre (although this now has as much relevance as an epidural being that town contains nothing more than a large ASDA shaped like a fridge).


Bacup, translated locally as baayk up.

Haslingden, those without pigmentation of the skin fear this place!

Crawshawbooth, once a nice village… now a s**t heap of chavvy jam rags, partially consumed kestrel, etc.

To elaborate:

The borough itself would appeal to a passer by because of the hills & the… the… hills. Its what lurks at the bottom of the hills thats the problem. Chavs, chavs line the streets selling bags of salt (presumably passing them off as poor cocaine for £5 a bag) whilst holding each others dicks trying to get hard because they have just sucked off their eldest uncle & want to jizz swap with the remnants remaining in their dry tatterred mouths (chavs in rossendale believe this can get you high)

”The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” GANDHI

Whilst they hover outside that shitty p@ki shop in stacksteads waiting for an unsuspecting elderly to mug, rape or ask to buy alcohol they share jokes…

‘what did d mosher say t’t doctor?… eerggghhh duno, what did e say den?… e sed errrghhh y dick ed!! waaa gimme a line for dat 1…’

yes rossendale is s**t, chavs are all w*****s but they are a subhuman species not capable of comprehending the way a modern day thinking man operates in terms of converse for the good of each other. So please when you next see a chav give them a hearty dose a brown finger under the nose, or similar.

peace out, you greasy wankstaffs!

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