Rossendale is made up of a equally ****** group of towns. Those being:

Rawtenstall, the epicentre (although this now has as much relevance as an epidural being that town contains nothing more than a large ASDA shaped like a fridge).


How grim is your Postcode?

Bacup, translated locally as baayk up.

Haslingden, those without pigmentation of the skin fear this place!

Crawshawbooth, once a nice village… now a **** heap of ****** jam rags, partially consumed kestrel, etc.

To elaborate:

The borough itself would appeal to a passer by because of the hills & the… the… hills. Its what lurks at the bottom of the hills thats the problem. *****, ***** line the streets selling bags of salt (presumably passing them off as poor cocaine for £5 a bag) whilst holding each others dicks trying to get hard because they have just sucked off their eldest uncle & want to **** swap with the remnants remaining in their dry tatterred mouths (***** in rossendale believe this can get you high)

”The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” GANDHI

Whilst they hover outside that ****** [email protected] shop in stacksteads waiting for an unsuspecting elderly to mug, **** or ask to buy alcohol they share jokes…

‘what did d mosher say t’t doctor?… eerggghhh duno, what did e say den?… e sed errrghhh y **** ed!! waaa gimme a line for dat 1…’

yes rossendale is ****, ***** are all ******* but they are a ******** species not capable of comprehending the way a modern day thinking man operates in terms of converse for the good of each other. So please when you next see a **** give them a hearty dose a brown finger under the nose, or similar.

peace out, you greasy wankstaffs!

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