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Ross-On-Wye the heart of the midlands built as a resting spot for weary travellers between london and some place in wales, YEAH RIGHT. Since a few years ago, it used to be ok not much to do pretty boring, groups of townies going down the river to get smashed on cheap cider (like in most towns) suddeny a few years ago, the town council decided to one way the town, so In came the ***** and there suped up novas, ice cream van, robin relients etc having a few pints at the charlie, sorry i mean smirnoff ice, wkd’s picking up their 13 year old girl friends from the school and spending the day going lapping round town (being 1 way thats all you can do), then heading on down to the ONLY NIGHT CLUB called ‘Jackolines nightspot’ (usually refered to as Jacks in the town) run by the worlds biggest group of ***** (You know who you are), which has a couple of bars, a pole and 2 cages to dance in plus the same music everynight in the same order (we have decided the DJ just pretends). The choice of lapping music as like most ***** goes the thumpier the music the louder it goes, not too good in a tiny town you can hear them a mile off. All the ***** in ross are thick as ****, they have a very strong farmer drawl to them making them even more
incomprehendable unless they are the group of want to be gangsters and talk like dey is from da gheto even tho we is white and live ona farm with mummy and daddy. Places of **** interst living, breading etc is the housing estate near the school, roman way (another housing estate) and tudorville.
Popular **** names of Ross – Gary, kev and darren, tay clinton dean, barry, chantelle,

Also if you would like to spend a day of **** spotting visit the old market house in the town they are usually siting there on the steps or the benches outside balfour news, walking their pitballs skinny as anything mainly because we have been sent by LIVERPOOL BLOODY COUNCIL all the skank head crack addicts etc to live in our town THANK YOU VERY MUCH who steal from charity shops, but then we know who you are though.
Average age of life expectanty in ross-on-wye, 15 then your up the duff. If your over 25 and lived in ross all your life so far your going to be there for the remainder get out while you can.
So in conclusion, visit ross, dont stay, like it was ment to be built as a passing on place for travellers into wales, its pretty, but pretty boring as well.

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