rose hill oxford

OxfordshireSouth East

its a complete shitole in rose hill. when we lived there in dashwood road, we had fireworks posted through the letter box, our windows bricked every week, our car and minibus torched, my brother stabbed in the front garden and only survived by a whiska, our house burgled 4 times, my son mugged in the front garden and badly beaten with a brick, teens breaking into the house and severely attacking us with bats and bars, our garden set on fire, our pushbike stolen from the shed, someone setting their dog on my 8 year old son, our cat killed by joyriders, our house graffitied on, and our windows egged every day nearly, kids posting grass and mud through the front doors, kids writing ‘packies smell like s**t and u r one’ on our cars and fence, our car window smashed by g***s and the wingmirrors kicked off, and lasly, a human shitting poo on our doorstep – no joke! dont go to that shitole.!!!

s******e no lie rose hill is!!!!

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