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As a youth from Romsey, my opinions on ***** have decreased. Townies were never this bad! Alot of my friends have turned into *****, and possessed by burberry and mckenzie hoodies. The favourite **** hang out is “da youthy” formally known as “youth in romsey” and reffered also to ” are ya going down to youfy tonight mate?” (the youth club). Here it acompanys every ***** needs. Free comdoms, fellow **** helpers, free toatsie sandwhiches, pool tables and free leaflets for them to throw around town. The second favourite **** hang out, is of course “the bussy” (the buss station), where there is 3 benches, all occupied by *****. Drinking cider down at the bussy is a real good friday night! and to make it better, maybe even a druggie might pay a visit so you can for a quick smoke of wacky backy in the loos. This is noticed by the circles of smoke rising out from under the door in the baby changing cubicle.

If you’re a **** with class, then you’ll have a pony. Often named Chardonay. Posh ***** go riding in their burberry riding hats at weekends, visiting their friends and making rude gesters with their hands as you drive down the road past them. If you’re a supreme **** from Romsey, you will live in one the surrounding villages. Braishfield for instant, is a **** paradise. Old laides, main roads, and feilds. Perfect for a night of getting pissed out of your head.

But if you’re a even higher classed **** will real bling bling not from argos, you’ll pay a visit down to shirley! (a suburb of southampton) Oh the joys of the lifts outside “shirlay towers and WOT!” (shirley towers – a large block of flats home to many *****) You may want to even join the mandella gang of saint marys, the gangstas of Southampton. Stabbing people in the back of the head with a screwdriver, throwing brics at cars, and pushing peoples eyes out to the back of their head! What fun it must be to feel violent! Some of them will even swear that they live in a ghetto, (which is also very incorrect, seeing as the ghetto is a place where jews were secluded to in the second world war, in venice, italy) Im sure if ***** really knew this, their gold hoops would probably pop off, their moussed slicked back hair suddenly expand causing their burberry hats to rise a good 2 feet above their heads.

In conclusion, the sweet market town of Romsey, home to old pensioners and children has turned into a ***** heaven. The famous woodly park has even been divid between ***** and kids. (unfortantly, children dont dare steep foot in woodley park any longer) and The Tavern, of latimer street, has been fully taken over by ***** and their familys. There is no longer an area of Romsey that is **** free. Even ***** hang out in the skate park! (unluckily to the *****, their old favourite ******* place, the steps of Romsey rapids [the local swimming pool] have been knocked down, to build a bigger swimming pool, free off bush jumpers) So happy chavving in Romsey, And good luck!

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