Romford market

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As a newcomer to this site I’m flabbergasted to find no reports on Romford market, the hell-hole that **** east Londoners thinks is a posh step up the retail ladder.
It’s crappy shops, fast food ‘restaurants’ and theme (the theme being ****) pubs attract a multitude of **** visitors from all over north/east London and Essex. All the things you love about chavness are to be found here, with the personalized Romford touch of every male wearing horrible polyester west ham shirts stretched over their Matt Lucas like stomachs. They even used to have a west ham shop here, obviously to serve as a warning, but that is now closed as the gigantic Primark has now taken over as the **** holy temple. Numerous pound shops litter the market interspersed  between the kebab-burger-chip shops. That’s about it really.
It’s all of the UK’s health and social problems encapsualted in one small space.

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