Rochdale- Next stop, **** Central!!!!

Rochdale is the epitome of ‘Chavobilia’. Its got the lot, nylon hair extensions, girls called ‘Kylie’ and ‘Chardonnay’ (who resemble and sound like Lily Savage on a bad day!) and of course, the obligatory shell suit parade on Saturday mornings ‘down town’.
The place is abysmal and has the effect of making you want to catch a bus ANYWHERE as long as you can get out of the vicinity FAST! The clubs are a treat. If you don’t get bottled or thrown out for having shoes and handbag to match, you can wallow in the delights of Liam and Noel sound alikes shouting obsceneties at the unfortunate police who have to patrol the war torn streets of down town ‘Rochy’.
A place to avoid at all costs.   Love Mumsy X

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