OK I come from Prestatyn, not the greatest place on earth (which is why I left ASAP!) but Rhyl makes it look like New York!

Many of my friends in Prestatyn call Rhyl VEGAS! This is because, well its about as far away from Las Vegas as possible?!

OK lets talk Chav’s (from now on refereed to as Townies). Townies mainly flock on a Saturday night. They are characterised by driving up and down Rhyl Prom (all 300 yards of it) in a clapped out Vauxhall Nova. This Nova’ will no doubt have a big stupid exhaust, a big Sub’ that will deafen any occupants of the Nova’ and/or a purple light underneath it (I have never figured out what the light is for?? Perhaps to attract the obligatory 16 year olds from the Prom’ like moths to a flame!)

Rhyl contains many Townie boutiques. These include JJB, 2 All sports, and several other non-branded sports stores. Rhyl though only has 1 tiny Our Price music shop. This could explain the townies terrible taste in music. Now brace yourself this may shock, townies actually still like Scooter!! Yes that mad pervert German from the very early 90’s is still a massive fav in Rhyl!!

OK lets talk nightlife! Rhyl has a nightlife but it is a sick and twisted version of the one most people will be familiar with. Rhyl’s night life was the bane of my late teens. Rhyl is pretty much the only place on the entire North Wales coast with clubs open past 12! There for it is the only place to go to get rat arced!

My favourite club in Rhyl, though only for comedy reasons, is Rosie O’Gradys/Double your money/(what ever it is called now) Rosie’s has renamed so many time because it keeps getting closed down due to the huge amounts of violence and under age drinking it holds! We often used to finish a night drinking and head to Rosie’s to watch the fights. Ahh great days!

Then there is Scruples/The Vanilla lounge. This place is possibly actually worse than Rosie’s if only because it actually thinks that its Posh!! Ok it might be called a posh name and have a circular bar that was fitted in 1995 but this does not make for cutting edge design!

enough of the ranting got to Rhyl its funny……….:-)

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