rhoose: chavs on the rise


once a quiet rural village,Rhoose is now all but an extension of Barry.The focal point for the local and visiting chavs is the spar and the only bus shelter(50 metres down the road).The bus shelter is ideally situated next to the only telephone box in the village,so when one of their chavvy drug dealers fails to sort them out or someone pisses them off they only have to walk outside and smash up the phone box(.a weekly occurance).They are not without imagination though,they have been known to smash the spar windows and also the estate agents have had a few windows kicked in.They range in age from 14 to 40,but the main core of chavvy “cokeheads” are surprisingly 17 to 24,these supply a vast range of drugs to all the other chavs and are able to purchase lambert and butlers and cheap booze to the younger chavs and chavettes.incredibly most of these little hoodrats do not come from council estates but from the affluent Rhoose point estate,they sport the latest expensive tracksuits and trainers and drive around in new little motors,joeying the drug dealers around.if you ever wished to meet one of them just chuck on a trackie,a baseball cap(optional),walk up the spar(with a limp prefferably)hold out a clenched fist and say”safe bruv,wos appening”,you will be well in bruv.

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